Reiki Training

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Healing Hands Basic: Reiki I & II
Healing Hands Intensive: Reiki I, Ii, III/Master

Private Training may be arranged in addition to the scheduled workshop dates.

Want to attend a Spiritual Retreat in the rolling hills of the artist community of Berea, Kentucky and at the same time be attuned and initiated into Reiki by Reiki Master Samara Anjelae. When you choose Samara as your Reiki Master you also get her extensive knowledge in psychic development and how that applies to healing, as well as animal communication (if desired) and healing. Samara teaches Healing Hands Basic for Reiki I & II Certification to become a Reiki Practitioner. The Healing Hands Intensive for Reiki I, II and III /Reiki Master is usually for the professional and one who eventually may want to teach Reiki and attune others. You can choose the best course that serves you, your time and investment.

Samara’s life is devoted to sharing centuries-old healing techniques that are practical, transforming and that ultimately lead to a richer and healthier way of living. Her intention is to help facilitate healing on levels: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Whether Samara is working as a Medium, Healer, Mentor, Artist, or Author, her primary focus is to help others rekindle their own spark of “Light” with nature, Spirit, and love, and to ignite a “Great Flame” that ultimately empowers and heals themselves, others and Earth. Teaching Reiki is a natural way to foster this goal.

You just have to show up and be prepared to experience potentially life-changing results, which often include a commitment to honesty, self-exploration, and spiritual growth. You have the option to work with Samara privately or in a group setting. If privately Samara caters to your own gifts, interests and life situation and goals. Samara can guide you to local Air B&B’s for lodging if needed, as well as many artistic and nature events happening in Berea while you visit.

All workshops are open to all, but may hold particular interest for the serious student that is practicing or wants to establish a practice in the healing field or is a caregiver for a loved one, or is going through their own self-healing journey.  These workshop may awaken, empower, challenge, confront and/or support you. Students receive Reiki attunements by Samara, a Reiki manual, and a certificate for certification.

Workshop Dates: (dates may change due to a group’s preference for the Healing Hands Basic workshop or the Intensive/Reiki Master workshop.

February 17        Reiki I & II

March 18-19       Reiki I, II, III/Master

April 22-23         Reiki I, II, III/Master

May 19                 Reiki I & II

What is covered in the Healing Hands Basic Workshop?

Each student will receive Reiki Certification and Attunements for Reiki I, II.

Reiki Hand Positions

Giving & Receiving a Complete Reiki Treatment

Using Reiki for specific conditions (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually)

Reiki II Symbols and How to Use Them

Using Reiki to heal Unwanted habits

Distant Healing

Scanning & Beaming

Hayashi Healing Guide

Reiki Manual for I & II

Awakening Psychic Abilities

Angel and Spirit Communication Techniques


What is covered in the Healing Hands Intensive Workshop?

Everything covered in Reiki I & II, with the addition of Reiki III symbols, Certification, and Manual.

Attunements: In addition to what is covered in Healing Hands Basic, time will be spent understanding Reiki attunements,  and how to give them.

Chakra Education: This portion of the class will review the eight major chakras and their influence on the body.

Shaman Techniques: You will learn about soul loss, soul retrieval, and working with your power animals.

Awakening your Psychic Abilities: This portion of the class will include guided meditation and instruction on how to contact and develop a relationship with the spirit world and how to incorporate that relationship into your healing work.

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